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Thread: Should Omar Khadr be allowed to return to Canada?

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    Arrow Should Omar Khadr be allowed to return to Canada?

    This an interesting article read it:

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    I wouldn't let him back in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayv View Post
    I wouldn't let him back in.
    Fair enough, but why?

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    Is there a difference between letting khadr back in and letting Conrad black back in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thecrippler1972 View Post
    Is there a difference between letting khadr back in and letting Conrad black back in?
    I would say so, Conrad committing fraud and abstraction of justice while Khadr being a terrorist.

    In my view Khadr's matters are more seriuse and should not be allowed back while Conrad should be given a second chance.


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    Some may say khadr was a solider, not a criminal or a terrorist.

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    Ok let me rephrase that, him being a soldier for another organization, essentially betraying his country (Canada) since he is a Canadian citizen is still more serious and should not be allowed back.


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    I figured I would chime in on this, First of thank you Fworld for changing the terrorist label to soldier label, however if you really want to be correct it should be child soldier.

    Now i'm not trying to lessen the gravity of his offences, but labeling someone a soldier or terrorist is absurd. Labels are used by people who dont want to take the time to actually be informed on the issue. Just like those in this industry are labeled Whores by those who dont take the time to find out the differences or issues regarding this profession. (ask the girls that work for you if they like being labeled "Whores") whether the label is accurate or not its only purpose is to dehumanize them and make it easier for other people to accept them as subhuman. Also by labeling them you also asign all the negitive cannotations of that word to them.

    As for the whole let him back into Canada I would say yes. If you are really interested in the information about the case read this blog --> (also read all the supporting links info) This case has so many facets its almost absurd. I also know that the decision making part of the Brain is not fully formed until 25 years of age. Maybe you have heard of the saying, Young Dumb and Stupid!

    Now trying to compare as to whether we should allow either of them back I would say both are completely different situations. One was a 15 year old boy, the other is Conrad Black. Conrad Black renounced his Citizenship meaning he does not want to be a part of this country. He only asked to be allowed to return for a short while, kinda like a visit with the hated in-laws. I might not like it but he was born and raised in Canada, so I dont see why he cannot be allowed to visit.

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    Did I miss something? The website you have provided states the following:

    "Omar is the son of Ahmed Said Khadr, one of Osama bin Laden’s senior lieutenants. The family lived in Peshawar from 1985 through 1997, though Omar was born in Toronto, and he and his family members are nominally Canadians. Omar, along with his siblings, was trained by al Qaeda, under the direction of Osama bin Laden. Omar’s family and bin Laden’s family associated with each other on a somewhat regular basis."

    He's a "child soldier" who has links and ties with terrorist organizations. He was trained by al Qaeda to carry on terrorist activities or fight back against NATO (which consists of Canadian soldiers.) Fighting back against your own country is not acceptable and nor should it be forgiven.

    Yes, he was young and naive but that doesn't excuse him from his actions and he still needs to be held accountable. This explains why Canada, one of the most democratic countries in the world is still refusing him back till this day. That speaks volume on its own.

    In regarding to the other topic of our models being called, "Whores" Let's put it this way, anybody that attempts to make our models feel uncomfortable or disrespect them in any way is permanently banned. You would be surprised how many people we have banned up to date.

    I respect your opinion but we are on two different pages on this one.


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    Yes the website states that, but it also dosent mention the only citizenship he has is Canadian, and as much as I hate what he has done, he had little control of his family taking him to Afghanistan.
    I agree that the fighting against your own country is unacceptable and should not be forgiven, and he definetly needs to be held accountable, as is why I'm glad he still has time to serve.

    However (to me) that does not explain why Canada a democratic nation would deny a citizen a right to return. The rest of the world has been looking to Canada's charter of rights and freedoms, shall we now just throw them away since they're now an inconvenience?

    this is the same charter cited in the
    Also we allowed his mother, his 2 sisters and 3 brothers back, is this last one so dangerous compared to the others? now I'm not trying to justify him but I would much rather have him in Canada than the US. This is one example-->

    He would also be on a no fly list preventing him from flying in/out of the country, as well as he would most likly be denied a passport as some of his siblings have. Also far easier to find him if he's in Canada with an eye being kept on him, rather than some unknown cave in some other country(also easier to track everything he does).

    I apologize if I was offensive in any way that was not my intention. My intention was to point out how absurd and disrespectful those type of labels are to an individual, or groups of individuals. When each and every person should always be considered on their own merits.

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